Identifying Slab Leaks

May 27, 2017

One of the worst problems we encounter in our homes is the slab leaks.  So it makes sense to identify it early on because it can ruin the beauty and comfort of our homes, right?

 In this article, I am giving you the 5 signs to look for so you can detect the slab leaks even before it gets worse and call a professional plumber to have it fixed.


Read on and be aware!

Identifying Slab Leaks


The leaking of slabs is a commonly occurring plumbing problem in most houses. A slab leak denotes a leakage of water underneath the house's concrete slab. The leaking within slabs can be frustrating and hard to detect because they occur in the depths of concrete slabs. However, they should be detected early enough for effective repairs to be conducted. Early repairs are effective in preventing further damage. To facilitate quick detection and timely repair, here are warning signs of a possible slab leakage.

5 Common Signs of Slab Leaks


Wet Floor Spots

You may not see water puddles on the slab if there is a slab leakage. But the occurrence of wet spots where water has not been poured could be a good indicator of a leakage. In addition to having a wet floor, the ground surrounding the walls may also be experiencing considerable dampness. If you find that your floor is always wet, then that could an indicator of a leakage.


Cracking or Moving of the Foundation

Water that leaks through your home's foundation have the ability to attack the integrity of house's foundation. Such an attack can manifest by causing cracks on the walls or the floor of your house. If you encounter movement and/or cracks, this could be a sure sign of a leaking slab.

Unexplained Smell/s

The water that leaks through your slab has the ability to support the growth of mildew and mold. If your flooring is wooden, the leaking water can create a conducive environment for the growth of mildew and mold. In turn, the mildew and mold can release unpleasant odors of dampness. As such, the growth of mold and mildew are also indicators of a leaking slab.


Unexplained Increase in Water Bills and the Sound of Running Water

Slab leakages often lead to great loss of water, which seeps through the ground or gets directed away by drain paths. If the leakage is profound, there is a possibility of hearing sounds of water even when all water faucets and equipment are turned off. To get a clear sound, you could place your ear against the slab and listen carefully. If there are sounds of water, then the leakage is considerably significant.


Backup or Stoppage of Showers, Tubs, and Toilets

If the showers, toilets, and tubs stop working, then that may be a clear indicator that the water lines are broken and leaking. To identify where the leak is, determine which of the appliances are backup or look for other signs of leakage. If the stoppage is the only indicator of a leakage, then try to check and eliminate other potential causes of backup if possible.

Whichever the hint that points to a leakage, it is prudent and ideal to call a professional plumber once you notice any of these signs of a slab leakage. The plumber should help in quickly locating the leakage, and the sooner it gets repaired, the higher the chances of minimizing further damage through a quick initiation of repairs.

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